Health Camp program in Remote Area

In most of the rural villages of Nepal, there is no efficient availability of quality health services because of the lack of transportation. 

Every year hundreds of people are losing their lives in the absence of efficient health care facilities. Also, in many places, although there are health centers, there are no well-trained health assistants and doctors. 

So, Aid for Nepal works in such areas where people are deprived of quality health services. We aim to provide health care services to the people. Time and again we conduct different types of health camps targeted to a different group of people. 

Sometimes we conduct children health camps, whereas sometimes we conduct camps for family planning and awareness sessions on the health of mother and children.We also work to provide free family planning services to the locals who are economically backward. 

We conduct monthly free health-check up sessions on the necessary villages and supply the free medicines to the villagers who are unable to pay for it.