Volunteering in Nepal

In the process of bringing changes in the lives of the marginalized groups, we have been continuously working at the local level through our volunteering services.

We have been assisting in the local schools, health care centers by supplying efficient volunteers to upgrade the existing condition and enhance the living standard of the people. During our selfless volunteering, we conduct several awareness programs on health, hygiene, and sanitation.

Plus, our volunteers involve in different health camps in the villages to assist and aware people on family planning, birth controls, and safe delivery. Our trained volunteers also target several awareness campaigns on the adolescents of the village. They supply awareness on reproductive health, adolescents, information on personal health and hygiene as well.

Apart from the health sector, our volunteers visit the different local school and work there to improve the standard of education in the place. Our experts visit local schools and impart knowledge on different types of technical and practical learning methodologies to the teachers as well as students. We work to benefit majority of the students for their better future.

In addition, we also launch awareness programs against polygamy, early marriage and aware local people about the girl’s education. We thrive to change the local’s perception of gender discrimination and other superstitious beliefs.