Our Team

  • Cholendra Bahadur Karki


    Being brought up in laps of Himalayas, Cholendra possesses a personal experience of how hard life in those hills can get. When he got started in his professional life in the tourism industry he always has extended his hands of generosity to those in need. When his office Himalayan Joy Adventure was set, he immediately started to work in the social field more organized way and thus Aid for Nepal came into existence.  He always ensures he mentions Aid for Nepal and how people can contribute to the upliftment of the socio-economic status of people in the Himalayas, even when in his business or personal trips. Using his links and experience from childhood, he has a valuable contribution for the efficient management of funds and allocation of the same to the real needy group and ensures the correct and longterm upliftment of the people helped.  Recently, through 41st AGM (6th Sept 2019) of Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), the largest umbrella association of trekking agencies in the country, he has been elected as First Vice-President. This clearly shows his active and dedicated involvement in the field he works and for sure this would be a great asset to Aid for Nepal as well.

  • Yubaraj Ghimire


    Is professionally an auditor. He is keen on money management and is cautious about flow of money. HIs early childhood was spent in rular village making him more close to living standards and problems they face from up close. So he also is actively working as a social worker for a long now. In the due course of time, the like-minded brought people together and he is with Aid for Nepal as Secretary, managing all the activities and programs happening through A4N family. 

  • Tika Bahadur Rai


    Born in the Himalayan regions and working in the tourism industry. Mr rai has always been close to people in the Himalayas, been through the pain they suffer. So he always is working to ensure he can do some bit from his side to uplift the people in the Himalayas. He has an idea about where the money is most required and how that can be done in a prompt and efficient way, having him as treasure has aided A4N in making the management promptly and efficiently. 

  • Bishnu Budhathoki


    Bishnu grew in rural Nepal, where she had to witness the low living standards of people and more worst how girls had to face the situation in more worst way. Ever since She came to Kathmandu and started high school, she has been actively working to make the situation better for girls in rural Nepal better. Her pursuit of this brought her to team A4N. Here she is working actively on uplifting young girls and women status from rural villages. 

  • Kedar Karki


    Kedar Karki From : Mapya Dudhkoshi -03, Solukhumbu Trekking Guide

  • Tika Bahadur Lamichhane


    Tika Bahadur Lamichhane was born in Sotang rural municipality, Solukhumbu. He has been involve in tourism business for more then decade.As he is very honest, hard working and successful tourism entreprenuer his interest is always willing to help prople in the remote area. With his idea and networking with people Aid for Nepal will be successful.

  • Krishna Sharma


    Being a young dynamic and very versatile person, and actively working in trekking and Education fields, he's down to earth and is actively working in social welfare through various volunteering activities. He is currently working as Office Manager in Himalayan Joy Adventure promoting tourism in Nepal and also as RSM in Up Education and KV promoting world-class education. Apart from his business life, he is actively involved in Aid for Nepal since its beginning days and always contributes with how efficient and prompt services we can deliver to local people in uplifting their status not just for sort but a life long span to ensure efficient help to those in need. 

  • Nirmala Karki